Sunday, January 9, 2011

Hillary Hill's Reflection

Reflection Post – The Dumbest Generation

Overall, I think the author was overly pessimistic throughout the book. He brings up some very valid points, and I learned things from the book. However, I don’t agree with him overall. To say that this generation is the one “that lost that great American heritage, forever” seems pretty ridiculous. Like American heritage is just going to disappear. As though teachers will just stop teaching Romeo and Juliet or the class “American History” will just cease to exist.

Technology may make students read less, but there are a lot who still read. We can’t forget about the millions of dollars of revenue generated by Harry Potter books, Twilight series books, etc. There are kids who spend their time on computers, video games, and cell phones instead of reading, but there have always been kids who were not into reading. Even before the time of all this technology, there were always kids who preferred to do something else than read.

What I learned from this book is that history, literature, and traditional things are viewed differently by this generation. As a music teacher, that would apply to my subject area in regards to music history, composers, etc, not being viewed as something important by some students. So, I need to find ways to make this important info seem fun and interesting and exciting. Using technology can help make lessons that some students would call “boring” more appealing and interesting.

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